Not everyone makes a distinction between health and the absence of symptoms.

Some people think they can stand still (even though the ground they’re standing on is rotating on its axis and revolving around its sun, which revolves around… and so on…), there are some who think taking drugs to alleviate their symptoms makes them healthier!

If the oil light comes on in your car, does taking the globe out fix the problem? Can it lead to an even bigger problem?

Medication can take away the symptoms of sickness but causes even poorer health because now your body has to deal with the original sickness and the physiological incompatible chemical that was used.

First world countries spend more money on medication, have more doctors, nurses, tests and technical equipment per capita every year and yet we continue to have more sick people per capita!

Medicine doesn’t make people healthy it just produces people with temporarily less symptoms. The malfunctions that caused the symptoms in the first place aren’t addressed. Drugs might make people FEEL better while they are sick but they will never make them FUNCTION BETTER AND GET WELL.