MORNING ATTUNEMENT for Miracle Access Members Only

This MORNING ATTUNEMENT meditation is designed for you to do daily for the month and beyond. It has time, clarity, and best results in mind so you can achieve your life vision with more intent and less effort.

It only takes 10 minutes so you can kick start your day in the best frame of mind.

It’s the attunement I do every day.

Its easiest when your spine is straight and first thing in the morning, before your mind can get any traction.

For best results do this meditation every day, in a quiet and comfortable place where you know you won’t be disturbed.


You’ll need:

  1. A memory of when you’ve felt great love.This memory will transport you to your best frequency faster. If you can’t recall a time of great love then make it up. Borrow a scene from a movie if you need to.
  2. Your life vision or a goal.If you want specific help with this, search my Live Your Purpose program.

MORNING ATTUNEMENT is free to you as a Miracle Access member. Please don’t share your link with anyone else.

* At the end of the month this meditation will be offered in the shop to non-members.

Enjoy your journey. Do whatever you can to make your life fun!

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